Monday, April 28, 2008

I Made a Top!

I saw this post - a pattern that Jona made (can you believe that woman has 5 children and still looks so wonderful!) and fell in love with it. When I looked at my stash of recently purchased patterns, I saw that I! had! that! pattern! I was thrilled. Of course, the pattern I had was smaller one (sizes 4-12), because at the time, there wasn't a larger pattern at the store. According to the measurements, I was pretty sure that the 12 wouldn't fit, but I thought I would try to sew it anyway. I haven't sewn many clothes, and most of the ones that I have sewn have come out looking like crap. So, I figured that even if it didn't fit, it would still be good practice.

I had also gotten some fabric when I got the pattern, so I was all set.

I started and finished on Sunday. Before 2:30 p.m. The whole thing! I was very impressed - mostly with myself because I got finished in a relatively short amount of time, and because I started and finished (yes, finished!) something. Here it is:

The biggest problem with is that it's a bit too small. I can get it on, and it doesn't look too terrible, but I'm not sure that I could wear it comfortably. And, if I wash it, I'm betting that it will shrink. It's also a little short, too. Of course, now I'm not sure if I need to make another one (because I'd love to make another one) one size, or two sizes bigger.
I also finished the blocks on my pink and orange quilt, and got it all laid out. Now I just need to stitch them up!
I'm also looking forward to starting this quilt. Because really, we all know that I need another project to start.


jona said...

I love the fabric you picked! And your pleats look great!

Happy Zombie said...

That is just too cute. Isn't making clothes rewarding!

Traceytreasure said...

Cute top! I had to stop in and say that your comment on Capello's blog made me snort! Thanks for the laugh! Happy quilting!

Kris said...

Congratulations Michelle - You won my drawing for Karen Snyder's new book, Quilts from my Garden (a signed copy!) Please send me you address and I'll get it right out to you!!!!